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Huntress 23

           Ref:158 'Cecilia'  Fairey Huntress 23ft

LOA                        23ft

Beam                     8’ 3”

Draft:                     2’ 10”

Hull & Deck:         Hot  Moulded & Marine Plywood

Model:                   Ray Hunt  design:     ‘Huntress’

Builder:                 Fairey Marine, Hamble, Hants



Design  & Construction

Fairey  Marine Hot  moulded  shell  with marine plywood scantlings.   The world famous deep Vee hull form was the brainchild of Raymond Hunt pre second world war and spotted by Charles Currey & Colin Chichester Smith out on long Island sound whilst sailing, in summer 1938.

With advent of Fairey Marine's success with dinghies,  it was decided to enter the fledgling powerboat market in mid 1950's.  Ray Hunts design was brought over and the Huntress was born.  A lack of suitable engines held back the project, but the new Perkins six cylinder running on diesel oil along with the latest Borg Warner Velvet drive gearbox, adapted from the fork lift  truck, suddenly made the planning Huntress 23ft fast launch a 'must' for the rich & famous of the day afloat.

Constructed using the unique hot moulded Fairey Hull (shell) system of laminations (veneers) using 2.5mm thick Agba.  (Cola Blanka, - a type of mahogany from Portuguese west Africa, with the correct low resin content for gluing & veneering)   The shell had different thickness of veneers on the bottom and top sides, in the case of Naval boats this was increased to give a more robust hull.

These veneers were stapled individually to a wood block mould, as layers progressed the staples were removed and glue applied, the hull is continuous from gunwale to gunwale around the keel.    A thick rubber bag was placed over the assembled shell and pushed into an autoclave (oven).   Steam was applied to the sealed oven at 100 deg C, the pressure on the bag forced the veneers together giving good contact, the Bordon Chemical special glue was activated by the temperature and after only 30 minutes, the 'cured' hull was removed.     The dinghies Albacore, Firefly, Falcon & Duckling required only 20 minutes being fewer laminations.

                                                                     Specification & Maintenance

This Huntress has had extensive refurbishment to the current owners requirements, finished some years ago by South coast Classic boat Ship-writes, the main items are listed below:

Navigation- New items fitted

New custom engraved panel and instrumentation
VHF set  
Bilge Pump overhaul.
VHF aerial 
Mast navigation light
Steaming lights
Directional Spot / variable wide beam motorised  Searchlight
Horn replaced

Scantlings & Cabin

Chrome domed original Fairey engine air vents
New cabin lights
Cockpit light
Spirit stove  by Dometic AB
Stainless steel Sink

New VHF cupboard in mahogany.
New deck laid in 12 mm BS1088 sapele marine plywood
New windscreen from 8 mm perspex in newly fabricated GRP reinforced screen, new pillars with side screens, the whole capped in mahogany.
Replacement rub-rails with stainless steel strip protectors
New mahogany top across lazarette in 12 mm mahogany laminate, new edge mouldings   
New mahogany louvred doors into cabin, and new mahogany louvred doors into rear cupboard across the lazarette
replaced mahogany edging between deck and superstructure.
All new deck furniture
Replacement mast and lighting
New Polycarbonate Cabin windows


Tonneau cover and new sprayhood.  Fits overall.
Anchor & cable
New Batteries
Back up electrics to second marine battery.


Perkins 6354 NA Marine Diesel engine, with Borg Warner 72C gearbox.
Full engine report at 78 hours available; serviced as required & maintained.
New Fuel tank by 'Tektank' estimated 70 gallons
New Sound proofing insulation material fitted to engine box.

Trailer-optional purchase

Custom made galvanised Power-boat Trailer (Model 4PB3500) by RM trailers of New Alresford, Hants.

The Huntress may be towed by a four by four, which makes them most suitable for storage at home or visiting new cruising areas.  The original Range Rover adverts sported a Huntress being towed around the yet unopened 'spaghetti junction', owned by Wilkes the designer of the Land Rover.


This Huntress has been used by the current owner for cruising & fast sport fishing around the fast flowing tides in the Seine Estuary, for which she is most suited, being seaworthy in the choppy waters.   She is currently ashore in Caen, near the Portsmouth/Caen  Ferry Terminal.   The owner is willing to negotiate the Ferry fare with a Serious successful Purchaser or the local airport.

She comes with condition reports, documents,past invoices and owners marine surveys.

                                                   Price:  &nbs

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