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Fairey ‘Faun’  17ft  Family Harbour/River Launch  -   - picture 1
Fairey ‘Faun’  17ft  Family Harbour/River Launch  -   - picture 2
Fairey ‘Faun’  17ft  Family Harbour/River Launch  -   - picture 3
Fairey ‘Faun’  17ft  Family Harbour/River Launch  -   - picture 4

Fairey ‘Faun’ 17ft Family Harbour/River Launch -

Length: 16’ 6”
Beam: 5’
Draft Hull: 12”
Weight Hull: 590lbs
Built: Around 1960

Shell: Four Fairey shell Laminates
Scantlings: All mahogany
Stringers : Spruce

The Fairey Faun was a lightweight 16ft harbour/ coastal launch, powered by an outboard.    As the result it could be towed easily behind the family car for day outings to the beach or fishing.   The small cabin could accommodate two adults sleeping with an awning over the cockpit for greater space.   A short cast iron keel capping gives greater stability also flattens out the running attitude when under way.

The post war brought recreational sports, trailing boats, tow bars, facilities for launching small boats just did not exist and had to be home made DIY products, ‘Dixon Bate’ tow hitches fore-runner of the ‘ball hitch’ had a hinged cup held by a screw clamp, which was not that reliable.

The Fairey unique method of construction made mass-produced boat hulls or shells which were strong and lightweight when compared to traditional wooden planked craft.  Harbour Launches with inboard heavy flywheel engines, which could only live on moorings or davits of gentlemen’s motor yachts, the Faun changed all this, at a price within the family budget.

Production of Fairey Fauns was not that great and this example has survived in amazing condition, the inside is varnished and the current owner has found no damage or diteriation of the hull.     All the fittings are original for the period.

The Faun hull is a general-purpose shell made by Fairey for sail or power, originally designed to supply member’s launches to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club who kindly purchased them from the ‘old country’ devastated by the war and not mainland USA.
These launches had a cut down shear, which the Faun does not.  A popular sailing version the Fairey Falcon day boat was sold widely and became an established Sailing School Boat, owing to the high freeboard with the pupils sitting inside and not on the side,  unlike other craft available.

Cabin & Cockpit
Two covered seats and bench seats with lockers underneath, screen, wooden wheel, remote single lever engine control.   Remote fuel and spare.    Boathook and normal deck gear for tying up.

Cabin has two adult berths with Royal blue covering, varnished deck beams.  Cabin windows have been replaced with new

Original chrome fittings, fishing rod holders, original cabin hand rail, chrome cabin vents.   

Suzuki   10 HP     

Custom built trailer with rollers, 50mm ball hitch and winch.  Mudguard Steps for climbing aboard

Summary & History
In the 1950/60’s the Thames and Norfolk Boards were the major boating area for UK, coastal yachting was the domain of only a select few, but the explosion of Boatshows and GRP mass production, in the 1970’s brought big boating to all,  with the advent of marinas for parking.

This is a unique opportunity to buy a Fairey Faun approaching her 60 birthday in varnished trim condition all ready to go on trips afloat or attending Classic Boat Rally’s entering the original concourse division prizes, where she will be much admired.

The Fairey boat has become something like an investment  ‘Oil Painting’, it maybe enjoyed in it's original use, but if stored & looked after will not rot or deteriorate owing to the unique hot moulded Fairey Laminating process for the hulls which has proved be extremely long lasting.

She is part of the recreation advance of UK after the war, with the outboard and lightweight car tow able boat, suitable for summer overnight weekend camping upon the water.   


This is a unique opportunity to purchase a classic Fairey dayboat.

                                                        Lying:  Thames                                         Price:  Sensible Offers

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